ILD builds moulded fiber production facility

This February, ILD has broken ground for the new Atlas Box & Crating facility in Moraveves-Most, Czech Republic.


Handover in eight months

ILD specializes in industrial and logistics real estate solutions with exceptionally high value, which are as favourable as possible given the client’s needs and demands.

Atlas Box & Crating Czech’s new 5000 m2 plus build-to-own production and warehouse facilities are located in the Westernmost part of the Bohemia region, about 70 km north-west of Prague.

The handover of Atlas Box & Crating’s new production and warehouse facility is scheduled within a strict time frame of eight months from now. ILD ‘s business culture is aimed at giving the client total peace regarding building issues. The fully integrated project approach will lead to a seamless handover of the building, ready to use and fully customized by the end of September this year.


Atlas Box & Crating Czech is part of the UN1F1ED2 Global Packaging Group. The new plant in Moraveves-Most will produce moulded fiber packaging from waste corrugated cardboard and post-industrial waste paper.

‘The new Atlas Box & Crating production area will be fitted with a tailored floor drainage and ventilation system.’

As such, the new Atlas Box & Crating production area will be fitted with a tailored floor drainage and ventilation system. Indeed, the pulp production, packaging moulding and subsequent high temperature drying process causes the need to reduce the build-up of fluids and humidity quickly by disposing of water and moisture effectively.

Moulded fiber is environmentally responsible packaging. The waste corrugated scrap is mixed with water and turned into pulp. This pulp is then formed and bake dried into packaging materials. Pulp moulded materials are ideal for packaging fruits and eggs, but are also used in trays and for protecting electronics and other household and hardware items during transport. The material is fully recycled and in itself also recyclable and biodegradable.

Expansion plans

Pulp as packaging is an eco-friendly alternative for plastics and polystyrene foam and is therefore quickly gaining interest.  Therefore, the Atlas Box & Crating Czech development in Moraveves-Most is designed with the future already in mind.

In phase one, the new Atlas Box & Crating build-to-own development comprises 5.000 m2 of production and warehouse space with an industrial clear height of 10 meters, and 625m2 of office space.

The already planned phase two development will enlarge the production and warehouse capacity with another 2800 m2. Two production lines will be started up in the first phase and two additional lines are planned in phase two.

The new combined production and warehouse and office facilities are developed on a 34.631 m2 terrain, leaving more than enough space for any subsequent developments.

‘The development plan is future ready, already taking into account Atlas Box & Crating’s scheduled expansion plans.’

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