Logistics space tailored to SMEs

Business Units in Jeneč near Prague

Frank Van haesendonck, CEO

Central Europe offers companies many opportunities. But the scarcity of small modern commercial space for sale is a problem for smaller SMEs. ILD has now developed a solution for this.

If an enterprise dependent on logistics and distribution is closed off and has no access to speedy logistics, its growth potential is limited. Which is unfortunate. A commercial building should not hinder a company’s growth. On the contrary, it should facilitate its growth.

In most Central European countries, it is very difficult to find modern multifunctional business units of 250, 500 or 750 m² that are suitable for small-scale storage and distribution and/or workplace activities. There is an acute shortage of modern storage and distribution facilities for SMEs. The industrial property on offer has no character and rarely meets modern standards: it is too big, partitioned too rigidly, is not energy efficient, is not environmentally compliant or is impractical. Renovating such a building is expensive and a source of surprises. And even then, such a building cannot be moved. Other reasons why existing older buildings often no longer meet today’s needs include difficult accessibility for trucks, parking problems and a lack of character. Even the development of a new construction project is too pricey for many SMEs. Thus, the smaller warehouses are necessarily anchored in village centres, between older walls from an earlier time, or far away from a logistics hub.

In most Central European countries there is an acute lack of modern storage and distribution facilities for SMEs.

At ILD, we asked ourselves whether we could offer smaller logistics and distribution SMEs in Central Europe access to their own modern commercial buildings. And the answer is ‘yes’.

Business units have been known for some time now in the West: feel-good commercial spaces that are linked together in a small business park. We have this know-how in house. For us, it simply came down to bringing our ideas together, developing tailored offerings and finding a location for an initial project.

Today our first business park for SMEs in Central Europe is a reality. In Czech Jeneč, near Prague airport, we aim to build a total of 30 business units. Jeneč Business Park has a total land area of approximately 2 hectares and will have a built-on area of approximately 6,000 m². The business park is easily accessible from exit 7 of the R6 motorway Prague – Karlovy Vary and is also particularly interesting for SMEs whose logistics depend on air transport for fast import and export.

Each business unit in Jeneč Business Park offers the functionality and utilities of a modern large commercial building, tailored to smaller SMEs. Warehouses range in surface area from 149 m² to 233 m². The buyer can freely furnish the storage space, which is delivered as a bare structure, and further develop it into a showroom, office space, sanitary facilities, etc. Clear height is 6 metres. This height not only allows stacking 3 pallets high, but also the construction of a mezzanine, thus doubling the available space. Each unit is equipped with an industrial entrance gate. Thus the hall is accessible for loading and unloading. Trucks can simply enter the hall. Our units can also be combined into surface areas of 382 m², 449 m², 752 m², 1,110 m² and so on.

Each business unit offers the best in modern logistics comfort, tailored to smaller SMEs.

It was not long before we were able to welcome our first customers: Interflon, a provider of lubricants, purchased 2 units. Cambridge Weight Plan, which offers diet products, initially purchased one unit, but then bought two more. From Jeneč, the Dutch company Demex Flowers distributes flowers to the Czech Republic and Germany. Chirana T. Injecta manufactures medical equipment and uses its unit for storage. Fruitisimo is a Czech retailer of fresh juices, fruit shakes and home-made ice cream and pastries. You can follow our list of customers and the further development of the business park at www.businessunits.cz.

The first ten Jeneč Business Park units have been sold and are in use. In the meantime, the second phase of the project, consisting of 10 units, has been completed. A number of units from this phase have also already been sold. Twenty (of the total of 30 planned) units are already complete. Jeneč Business Park is a success story not only for ILD, but also for the SMEs that work there. We will definitely be rolling out facilities to other Central European countries and locations. If you have tips on an interesting location for a business unit park, we would love to hear from you.

More info: www.businessunits.cz
Contact: tomas.novak@cidevelopment.cz

Technical specifications

  • Suitable for warehousing, light industrial and retail activities
  • Standard units ranging between 149 m² and 233 m² can be combined to achieve areas of 382 m², 449 m², 752 m², 1,110 m², etc. Clear height: 6 m
  • Polished concrete floor 3T/m²
  • Facade with insulated wall panels (U = 0.30 W/m²K – mineral wool)
  • One electrically operated loading door for trucks (3.50 m x 4.20 m) per unit
  • Insulated roof (U = 0.23 W/m²K – 160 mm Rockwool) with skylights
  • Utility connections (water, sewage, gas, electricity)
  • Three individual car parking places per unit
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