ILD wins Belgian Business Chamber Award in Poland



In Poland, ILD has been awarded the Amber Belgian Business Chamber Award 2018 for its industrial development in Sulęcin.


The Belgian Business Chamber Award (BBC) is a prestigious annual prize that recognizes and honours the efforts of BBC member companies active on the Polish market in promoting Belgian-Polish business relations. The prize at the same time wants to crown projects that create important value between Belgium and Poland. As such, the prize reflects the mission and vision of the Belgian Business Chamber in Poland.

ILD receives this BBC Award in the category ‘Amber Belgian Business Chamber Member Companies’. Other award winners are UCB Pharma Polska (Silver) and BGZ BNP Paribas (Gold). Having a positive impact on Belgian-Polish business relations is of course a nice side effect of ILD’s development efforts on the Polish industrial and logistical build-to-suit and property leasing market.

The ceremony with the handing over of the tricolored glass-crystal award was part of the CEO Forum that took place in the beautiful late baroque residence of the Belgian Embassy in Warsaw on November 22nd.

It was ILD’s CEO Frank Van haesendonck who accepted the BBC prize from the hands of the ambassador of Belgium to Poland Luc Jacobs, the Chairman of the Board of the Belgian Business Chamber Bruno Lambrecht and the Polish Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Mrs Jadwiga Emilewicz.

‘Poland is one of the most dynamic and still fast growing markets when it comes to industrial and logistics developments. This dynamism is fuelled by the high demand for production and logistics real estate and also by the highest number of speculative and build-to-suit transactions in Europe’, ILD CEO Frank Van haesendonck says.

‘Poland is one of the most dynamic markets when it comes to industrial and logistics developments.’

Polish developments also differ greatly from the average European projects in terms of scale. To date, ILD developed approximately 100.000 m2 of industrial and logistical warehouse space and development experience on the Polish market. The one award-generating Sulęcin-project adds another 43.000 m2 to that industrial building area total.

Next to Belgium and Poland, ILD also operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania and has a client opportunity based approach for other Western and Central European countries.

‘The one award-generating Sulęcin-project adds another 43.000 m2 to the developed area in Poland.’

ILD maintains very high standards when it comes to servicing its clients. And when the client asks us to keep things quiet, we do so. Therefore, the name of our client in Sulęcin will remain secret for a while. But the BBC award already exemplifies the economic importance of the project. Please look out for our forthcoming newsletter on this development.

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